20 Tips for Parents to Encourage Literacy

20 Tips for Parents to Encourage Literacy
Posted on 01/24/2020
Celebrate Literacy Week is Jan. 27-31!

The Florida Dept. of Education has published 20 tips for parents to encourage literacy at home:

1. Model good reading habits by reading to or alongside your child; parents set the stage for children to become better readers.

2. Encourage your child to read new and challenging books, articles and magazines.

3. Establish a daily reading routine.

4. Encourage reading, writing and discussions among family members.

5. Be positive when talking with your child about their reading ability and skills.

6. The love of reading begins at home. Create a “home library” for your family to access.

7. Limit TV viewing by controlling the amount of time spent watching television.

8. Play word games with your child.

9. Expose children to different kinds of books such as novels, biographies and informational content. Books about our universe or various species are interesting and engaging for young learners.

10. Visit your local public library and help your child get a library card of their very own.

11. Take books in the car to read on long road trips.

12. Comment on new words your child hears on the radio or TV.

13. Play rhyming games during a car trip or at home. Children will enjoy learning their own version of rhymes you learned as a child as well as how spelling effects rhyming.

14. Select a “word of the day” to add to your child’s ever-growing vocabulary.

15. Write out words with opposite meanings on separate pieces of paper and have your child match the pairs together (i.e. huge-tiny).

16. Make up a story by having each family member add a sentence to a story starter; expand on the individual character traits, the setting of the story and exciting events/adventures.

17. Encourage your child to write a book about their day.

18. Help your child read the labels on different bottles and containers, including the shampoo and conditioner bottles at home.

19. Bake something – when following a recipe, children are not only practicing their reading skills, they are learning how to follow directions and work toward a goal.

 20. Make dessert time reading time. Read to your children while they enjoy their evening snack. Modeling your love for reading is one very important trait you can share with your children.

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