Course Offerings

The following elective choices are slated to be offered at Fort Myers Middle during the 24-25 school year:

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ASL (American Sign Language)
*Introductory Course

Introduction to ASL teaches sign language basics, fostering communication skills and cultural awareness within the Deaf community. Students learn finger-spelling, basic signs, and ASL grammar.

Art and Design

Cambridge Art and Design nurtures creativity and visual expression through various mediums like drawing, painting, and sculpture. Students explore art history and contemporary design to develop their artistic voice.

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)
AVID fosters academic skills such as critical thinking, organization, and collaborative learning to prepare students for college readiness. Students engage in inquiry-based activities and receive support to excel in rigorous coursework.

Band is an introduction to exploring music through ensemble performance. Students will develop foundational instrumental skills, learn to read music notation, and collaborate with fellow musicians in a supportive and creative environment. No prior experience is necessary; all levels are welcome.

Chorus cultivates vocal skills and musicality through choral singing, harmonization, and performance. Students learn to read music notation while exploring diverse vocal repertoire.

Coding teaches fundamental programming concepts using languages like Python or Scratch, fostering problem-solving and computational thinking skills. Students create interactive projects and games while learning to code.

Culinary Arts
Culinary Arts introduces middle school students to basic cooking and baking techniques, kitchen safety, and the fundamentals of nutrition through practical, hands-on lessons.

Dance explores movement, choreography, and dance history across various styles such as ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. Students develop physical agility, artistic expression, and teamwork.

Digital Literacy

Cambridge Digital Literacy equips students with essential technology skills for the modern world, including coding, digital citizenship, and media literacy. Students engage in hands-on projects to understand digital tools and the ethical use of technology.

Journalism teaches journalistic writing, media ethics, and news reporting. Students learn interviewing skills and explore various formats like news articles, features, and editorials.


Cambridge Music integrates theory and practice, exploring diverse musical genres and performance techniques. Students develop musical literacy and appreciation through ensemble participation and historical context.

Orchestra offers instrumental training and ensemble experience, focusing on string, wind, and percussion instruments. Students learn music theory and refine technical skills through orchestral performance.

Physical Education

Cambridge Physical Education emphasizes holistic fitness through personalized workouts and sports, promoting physical and mental well-being. Students explore fitness principles, nutrition, and teamwork in a Cambridge framework.

Robotics - STEAM Course
Robotics integrates science, technology, engineering, art, and math through hands-on robotics projects. Students design, build, and program robots while exploring automation and innovation.

*Introductory Course
Introduction to Spanish introduces basic vocabulary, grammar, and cultural aspects of the Spanish language. Students focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

SGA (Student Government Association)
SGA empowers students to lead and serve their school community through governance and advocacy. Students learn about democratic processes, event planning, and leadership development.

Theater immerses students in acting, stagecraft, and dramatic literature. Students develop performance skills, creativity, and collaboration through theater productions.

TV Production

TV Production introduces students to media creation, including filming, editing, and storytelling techniques. Students develop video production skills and learn about broadcast journalism.

Yearbook offers hands-on experience in journalism and graphic design to create the school yearbook. Students capture and preserve memories through photography, writing, and layout design.

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