One important part of our 2017-2017 school year will be our uniform policy. FMMA will continue to be a uniform school; however, some elements of our uniform policy will be changing.

Click below to view a copy of our new dress code. Please review it carefully so that you are fully informed about its requirements. Some of the key changes are listed below: 

  • Shirts: Shirts are now required to be a solid-colored polo (any color) with a collar. No Oxford-style shirts or patterned shirts are allowed this year.  Logos, if present, can be no bigger than a quarter. Additionally, we will no longer require that shirts be tucked in.
  • Bottoms: Belts are no longer required, but pants must be worn at the waist. Slacks, shorts, and skirts must still be khaki, navy, or black.
  • Hoodies: Hoodies are no longer allowed. Any sweater or jacket worn on campus must have a full front zipper or button-up front and must be worn open with a uniform shirt beneath.

Again, please review the entire uniform policy carefully (click below) so that you are fully aware of all requirements. When we step onto campus on Thursday, August 10, the expectation is that all students will be in proper uniform attire.