Fort Myers Middle Academy has a unique partnership with the Lee Virtual School where we are able to offer out students various online classes during our regular school day, supervised by one of our teachers and supported by Lee Virtual.

This specialized opportunity provides for students to advance their academic career and potentially earn up to three high school credits before leaving middle school. Currently, students are taking foreign languages, career awareness courses, keyboarding and more. These students not only have the chance to earn high school credits, they fulfill the current requirement that students take at least one online class prior to high school graduation.

What's the benefit to the child? There are many benefits.

  • Fulfill high school requirements
  • Take higher level courses at an earlier age
  • Completion of higher level courses in middle school sets the student up to be able to take higher level courses in high school
  • Students who enter high school with credits are able to graduate early
  • Students who enter high school with credits have more options for dual enrollment, advanced placement or other honors classes
  • Online learning provides the students with necessary technical skills that will come into play during high school and/or college

For additional information about how your child can take part in the FMMA/Lee Virtual partnership, please contact our Assistant Principal for Curriculum, Dr. Denise Fitzpatrick at 239-936-1759.

For additional information about Lee Virtual School, click the link below.

Lee Virtual School Website