Homework Huddle 2016-2017

Homework Huddle is a unique, fun, healthy, and safe opportunity for your student to stay after school to complete and get help with their homework. Homework Huddle is staffed by certified, FMMA teachers, and is an organized help session to improve academic achievement and help set your child up for further education, high school graduation and higher education. Homework Huddle meets Monday through Thursday from 4-530 p.m. in the FMMA Media Center. Students are given a quiet, designated time for silent/pleasure reading and then have ample time to complete daily homework assignments with assistance from FMMA teachers. An Activity Bus is availailable to transport students to the school closest to their home at the end of the day.

Homework Huddle supports FMMA's schoolwide Homework Policy. All content area classroom teachers assign relevant homework on a systematic basis as follows:

  • Monday--Social Studies and Mathematics
  • Tuesday--Language Arts and Mathematics
  • Wednesday--Science and Mathematics
  • Thursday--Reading and Mathematics

Mr. Todd Thomas coordinates Homework Huddle for the 2016-2017 School Year. If you need additional information, please contact him at 239-936-1759.

Click the link to access the Homework Huddle Enrollment Form. Copies are also available in the front office and from math teachers. Parents must sign the form and indicate how their children will go home after the program.

Additionally, if you are interested in donating snacks to Homework Huddle, please review the Allergens FMMA document below for parameters on food and beverage donations.

Take a look at this short video montage from Homework Huddle