Lynn Edward Principal Email
Denise Fitzpatrick Assistant Principal, Curriculum Email
Winston Woods Assistant Principal, Student Affairs Email

Classroom Teachers

Mimi Aruca Teacher/Reading Email
Shoshanna Bordes Teacher/Reading Email
Nathan Buehler Teacher/Math Email
Steven Dees Teacher/Peer Counseling Email
Andrea DeShazo Teacher Leader/Language Arts Email
Joe Dinardo Teacher/Science Email
Regina Duresky Teacher/Language Arts & AVID Email
Angela Edmonds Teacher Leader/Science & Social Studies Email
Latoya Gilmore Teacher/Reading, ESE Inclusion Email
Victoria Hahn Teacher/Art Email
Lara Heath Teacher/Science Email
Amber Kelty Teacher/Math Email
Michael King Teacher/Social Studies  Email
Pamela Le Teacher/Reading  Email
Nancy Ledbetter Teacher/MTSS Support Email
Sarah Lima Teacher/Social Studies Email
Curtis McCarter Teacher/Parent Involvement Specialist Email
Caroline Miller Teacher/Social Studies Email
Tyra Minter Teacher/Language Arts Email
Andrew Montalvo Teacher/ESE Inclusion Email
Lauren Morrison Teacher/Social Studies Email
Shabria Mosely Teacher/Dance Email
Jennifer Nieves Teacher/ESE Inclusion Email
Erik Orciuch Teacher/ESE Email
Janice Parker Teacher/Reading Email
Tia Paul Teacher Leader/Math Email
Carly Phetterplace Teacher/Science Email
Jennie Rimes Teacher/Band, Chorus, Drama, General Music Email
Eva Ruiz Teacher/Deaf & Hard of Hearing Email
Lyndsay Russell Teacher/Language Arts Email
Jennifer Serrago Teacher/Reading Email
Andria Thomas Teacher/Science Email
Todd Thomas Teacher/Math Email
Michael Weaver Teacher/Math Email
Casey Webber Teacher/Physical Education & Athletic Director Email
Ryan Wheaton Teacher/Technology Email
Tamara Wilson Teacher/MTSS Support Email
Kirsten Yallof Teacher/Math Email
Elizabeth Young Teacher/Reading Email
MariFrancis Youse Teacher/Deaf & Hard of Hearing Email

Support Staff

Lisa Alexander Media Specialist Email
Ana Maria Arcila Speech Langauge Pathologist Email
Shane Cook ED. Paraprofessional Email
Anna Cronk Sign Language Interpreter Email
Nicole Hamilton Staffing Specialist Email
William Harris III Security Email
Tony Hayes Security Email
Rose Hoffmann Sign Language Interpreter Email
Doris Jones ED. Paraprofessional Email
Kelly Michel ESOL Paraprofessional Email
Diane Sangelo Sign Language Interpreter Email
Dustin Swartz Technology Specialist Email

Office Staff

Lori Caldwell Clinic Assistant Email
Monique Campbell School Counselor Email
Maxine Davis Student Affairs Secretary Email
Heather Dill School Nurse Email
Arnessia Edwards Information Specialist Email
Kimberly Harris Secretary to the Principal Email
Deputy Damian Orihuela School Resource Officer Email
Jesse Peterson School Secretary Email
Deborah Sturgill Bookkeeper Email
Stefanie Swift Student Counselor Email

Building and Custodial Staff

Francise Berklin Custodial Staff Email
Yolanda Grewe Custodial Staff Email
Jennifer Gonzalez Custodial Staff Email
Luis Marty Head Custodian Email
Nathaniel McNeal Custodial Staff Email
Roy Mitchell Custodial Staff Email
James Whitfield Building Supervisor Email

Cafeteria Staff

Dina Armijo Food Service Worker Email
Laura Brown Food Service Worker Email
Cecilia Cipaian Food Service Worker Email
Gerard Clerc Cafeteria Manager Email
Jannie James Food Service Worker Email
Ebony Little Food Service Worker Email