College and Career Preparation & 21st Century Learning

Our school vision is “Excellence in College and Career Preparation.” We strive to expose students to a wide variety of options that will be available in the future. Guest speakers, field experiences and project-based learning makes an FMMA education relevant to students.

Middle school students face an exciting and demanding time of their lives. It is a time for making choices that may have profound impact on future endeavors. With that in mind, FMMA promotes awareness and preparation for further education and for the world of work.

If you visit our school or classrooms, you'll see:

  • College pennants and banners throughout the school to make students aware of the many college opportunities
  • Students engaged in 21st Century Learning opportunities (students collaborating, use of Chromebooks, project based learning, creative expression, use of technology for communication, guest speakers, active-learning classrooms)
  • WICOR (AVID) Strategies such as Cornell Notes, Philosophical Chairs, Socratic Seminars, tutoring sessions, writing, inquiry, collaboration, organizational strategies, and reading
  • Homework Huddle (after school tutoring program) promotion

The FMMA school culture is one of academic excellence to insure students are prepared for future educational endeavors and job or career choices.