Golden Apple Finalist, Ms. Andrea DeShazo

FMMA is beyond proud to announce that Ms. Andrea DeShazo is one of thirty Lee County teachers to be named a 2018 Golden Apple finalist! Every year, the Foundation for Lee County Public Schools recognizes our district’s best educators through the Golden Apple Program. From the thousands of teachers who are nominated, hundreds apply to be considered by the Selection Committee, who then chooses 30 finalists. Next, the finalists are observed in their classrooms by leaders from the business and educational communities, and following these observations, 6 Golden Apple winners are announced. The Golden Apple is considered a penultimate honor for an educator.

Ms. DeShazo is a product of and testament to the Lee County School District. The daughter of educators, she graduated from Lee County schools (including FMMA!) and went on to become a school system data entry specialist, clinic assistant, and clerk typist before discovering that her true calling is the classroom. Currently in her fifth year of teaching, Ms. DeShazo, who was the English Language Arts Department Head for the past four years, is now FMMA’s ELA Teacher Leader, which means that in addition to teaching students in ELA classes, she coaches and mentors her colleagues.

Students and teachers alike know that aside from her superior and innovative teaching methods and abundance of school spirit, what truly sets Ms. DeShazo apart is the relationships that she builds with students, both inside and outside the classroom. They are simply unparalleled in their authenticity and significance. Ms. DeShazo herself says, “Building personal relationships with my students is tantamount in producing learners. When students feel you are invested, they will be more committed to their own education. I help them with envisioning the realization of their dreams, and I remind them daily that I believe in them!” When students leave Ms. DeShazo’s room, the last thing they see by the door is a sign that says, “Remember, Ms. D loves you!” We hope, Ms. DeShazo, that you know how much we love you, too!  Congratulations!

(To watch a video of Ms. DeShazo's reaction to finding out she is a Golden Apple finalist, click here!

Teacher of Distinction, Mr. Nathan Buehler

FMMA is also very proud to report that Mr. Nathan Buehler has been named a Teacher of Distinction, an honor bestowed by the Foundation for Lee County Public Schools on teachers who were close in the running to become Golden Apple finalists. Among his many roles at FMMA, Mr. Buehler serves as School Advisory Council Chair and Math Department Head and tutors math during our after school program. Currently working on his doctorate, Mr. Buehler says, “I do anything and everything I can to help students succeed.” Way to go, Mr. Buehler!